Wetpour (photo) Wetpour is one of the best and nicest surfaces for indoor and outdoor. It can be installed directly onto hard surfaces like tarmac with ramped edges. Lars Laj is able to supply wetpour surfaces in a variety of colours according to our customers requirements.

Wetpour consists of two layers: bottom layer made of black SBR granulate and top layer made of coloured rubber EPDM granulate. The task of the bottom layer is to absorb the impact energy. Top layer is UV resistant and its task is to protect the bottom layer against wiping off.

Synthetic mass is a combination of granulate with polyurethane glue in proper proportions. Mixing of granulate with glue is done in the drum mixer.

Wetpour (photo)
The installation of wetpour begins with pouring layer of black granulate. Toughening time of the layer is 24 hours. The next stage of the installation is toughening the surface with a metal roll, and afterwards covering it with a layer of polyurethane glue. After 2 hours from application of polyurethane glue, the top layer of coloured granulate can be spread. Toughening of the layer of coloured rubber mass is done with a metal roll after 24 hours from pouring it.

Critical Fall Height  Thicknes  Price/m2:
100 cm  wetpour 40 mm  69,00 € 
130 cm   wetpour 50 mm  85,00 € 
150 cm   wetpour 60 mm  101,00 € 
200 cm   wetpour 85 mm  118,00 € 
250 cm   wetpour 120 mm  137,00 € 

Wetpour (photo) Wetpour (photo)
Wetpour (photo) Wetpour (photo)
Wetpour (photo)

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