Rubber Tiles

Rubber Tiles (photo)
Rubber tiles are produced from coloured rubber granulate with grain size of 1-3 mm, connected with polyurethane glue. The combination of those components gives as a result a safety surface of high impact absorption properties.

Not many other types of safe surface have as many advantages as the rubber tile surface. Some of the advantages of such a surface are: minimized risk of injury owing to excellent impact absorption properties, ease of keeping surface in a good technical condition, easy installation, perfect antislip and sound absorbing properties, high humidity resistance, accordance with requirements of the norm EN 1177.

Rubber tiles can be laid on tarmac, concrete or any other type of stabilized base and joined together with a system of connectors. As rubber tiles do not crack, you can be sure that they will last for a very long time.

Rubber Tiles (photo) Rubber tiles are available in colours such as:
  • red-brown
  • grey
  • green
  • anthracite
  • metallic
  • silver-grey
  • and blue

We offer rubber tiles in various thickness for different fall heights up to 3 m:

Critical Fall Height      Slab thickness   Price: 
 100 cm  30 mm31,50 €/m2  *
 130 cm  40 mm38,50 €/m2  *
 150 cm  45 mm41,00 €/m2  *
 200 cm  60 mm50,50 €/m2  *
 250 cm  70 mm57,00 €/m2  *
 300 cm  90 mm75,50 €/m2  *

* - Prices given refer to the tiles in standard colour (red-brown).
If you are interested in receiving the price list for tiles in other colours, please contact us.
Rubber Tiles (phpto) Rubber Tiles (phpto)

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