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Lars Laj Artificial grass system consists of impact mats, covered with artificial grass, providing a safe, clean and dry play surface for children.

Artificial grass mats are produced in a unique process from high quality polyethylene foam, having closed cells. Owing to this, it is possible to receive mats of high durability, simultaneously preserving high flexibility.

Fall damping and drainage
Artificial grass (photo)
Owing to the construction of foam cells, it is possible to trap the air inside them. After compression, the foam gains the capability of absorbing energy. Upon release of pressure, the mat will re-expand, allowing the mat to recover. Construction of the mat allows water to pass easily between its closed cells. Owing to this, both vertical and horizontal drainage is possible, without the risk that the mat will absorb water.

Artificial grass System Construction
Artificial grass (photo)
Dependingly on the required degree of impact absorption, Artificial grass mat consists of one or two layers, covered with artificial grass. The standard finishing colour is green, however other colours are availble upon request. The use of Artificial grass mats enables drainage, both vertical and horizontal. Artificial grass mats can be laid on most types of base and they will follow the contours of that base without cracking or any other damage.

Installation with ease

Artificial grass mats are simple to install. They are produced with interconnecting joints, allowing to connect them together. Artificial grass can be simply laid on a layer of polyethylene foam and filled with crumb, sand or the mixture of both. Artificial grass mat can be easily cut to size, using a sharp knife. Artificial grass mats are availble in a wide assortment of dimensions.

Artificial grass Lars Laj - Accordance with the European Norm EN1177

According to the European Norm EN1177, Artificial grass mats are tested on a concrete base. Dependingly on the type of mat, the Crtitical Fall Height can be up to 3 meters.

Critical Fall Height  Lars Laj Artificial grass
130 cm  Lars Laj Artificial grass 25 (15313)
170 cm   Lars Laj Artificial grass 35 (15316)
210 cm   Lars Laj Artificial grass 45 (15325)
270 cm   Lars Laj Artificial grass 70 (15330)

DR Byen Copenhagen DR Byen Copenhagen
Artificial grass (photo) Artificial grass (photo)
Artificial grass (photo) Artificial grass (photo)
Artificial grass (photo) Artificial grass (photo)

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